Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Anniversary to David & Janet

Pray tell, what is the greatest perk of owning a spa? Alas, it is not the treatments, or the fine dining, but the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, to get to know them, and in many cases to count them as friends. Last night, David and I sat by the fire and had a visit with a delightful couple, David and Janet, celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary at Ste. Anne's. David is a poet, and he shared this poem with me, and now I am sharing it with you. Enjoy!

An Ode To Ste. Anne’s

The reason we love Ste. Anne’s
‘Tis because it fits into our plans,
For a healthy retreat, where we rest and we EAT
And be welcomed by the Ste. Anne’s clans.

You are greeted with a very big smile
And handed your info on a file.
If everything’s fine, you sign on the line
Then be shown to your room (in a while).

The staff is the nicest you’ll find,
They are all just one of a kind.
They’re there just to show, to where you must go
When later it’s time to be dined.

In the room there’s no need to groan,
Since there is no TV or phone.
This concept is best, since you’re there for a rest.
But you’ll never be anywhere alone.

There’s one thing we must not forget,
The white robe that you will all get.
You can wear it all day, In the spa or at play.
Or when dining, before and after you’ve ate!

To the spa for some treatment you must go,
No matter whether there’s rain, sun or snow.
There’s great meditation, which is real medication.
You’ll come out really feeling aglow.

There is fitness, a steam room and pool
A hot tub or cold tub where you’ll
Perspire or will freeze, with relaxing ease.
But emerge from them feeling real cool!

The name of the game is – Relax
No cell phone, no ipod, no fax.
You will enjoy, the rest with no toy,
In the garden, in white robe or slacks.

The worst time is, will you believe,
When you have to get clothed to leave.
But memories stay, for very many a day,
So go back – then you won’t have to grieve!

ADB 29-June-2006

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