Monday, December 4, 2006

The amazing human being

Years ago, I made a trek to Montreal to hear Deepak Chopra speak. Looking back, I think this was probably a turning point in my life. He allowed me to believe that the human being had incredible, but mostly untapped potential within. Since then I have read a few of his books and postulated on some of his theories. In my mind, I've come to the conclusion that within the human being exists the software to create, to heal, (the very building blocks of life!) to do just about anything. Problem is, this incredible machine didn't come with a manual, and sometimes experiments on this very complex technology don't work out so well.
As I was flipping through the channels last night I spent a few minutes watching a show on human intelligence. One of the people being profiled pulled a human brain out of a hat box. She talked at length about the human brain and it's ability to learn - she made the point that this little 3 pound mass is responsible for such things as sending a man to the moon, inventing, solving, building. Other people were interviewed on the effect music has on a child both in the womb, and as part of early education. Children in Quebec who learn to play chess consistently score better in mathematics.
Later in the day, I was browsing through a flea market and came across a set of Hardy Boys books - I opened one up and read a few paragraphs. All sorts of memories, smells, thoughts started to flood into my mind - things that happened 40 years ago. It was overwhelming. It seems like such a crime that our civilized society spends so much on destruction (read: war), and relatively so little, (relatively) on expanding our knowledge of human potential, on disease prevention, on feeding each other. What can I do at Ste. Anne's Spa to make things right? What do you think?

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