Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's all in the hands . . .

If I had a nickel for every time I've heard someone say "my husband refuses to have a massage with a man", or in some cases "What do you mean my treatment is with a man!", I'd be a very rich man. I must tell you, having been in the spa business for 16 years, I see this issue a little differently than some. The very first massage I ever had was with a man working at a hotel in Vancouver. He told me that he had been Bob Hope's personal "masseuse", and that Mr. Hope had a massage every day. It came as no surprise when Bob outlived all of his friends! I also have fond memories of the ritual at the centuries old "baths" in Budapest - no room for modesty here. You were given a little 6" X 6" apron to cover up your privates, as a big burly man slapped you around on the massage table. So, my advice to those people who are concerned about the gender of the person giving you your massage (or other spa treatment):

1. Look at their hands - they will be doing most of the work;

2. Consider their qualifications;

3. Relax and enjoy the good intentions of your therapist; spa practitioners in Ontario are the most regulated, trained and professional in the world.

At Ste. Anne's Spa we employ both male and female therapists from a variety of racial and religious backgrounds.

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